Get Fit! How To Gain The Freshman 15 Of Muscle

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This book is about more than building muscle. It’s a guide to eating healthy, losing, maintaining, and gaining healthy weight, turning body fat into muscle, and working out, all while maintaining a balance of classes and social life. This book is flexible enough to cater to your personal needs and goals. All you have to do is be willing to make lifestyle changes and build new habits. You'll find your own answer to the ultimate question: "Do I want to gain the "freshman 15" of muscle...or the "freshman 15" of fat?"

Includes nutritional guidelines, time management templates, and 5 FREE workout plans:
    • Body Weight
    • Machine/Resistance Level 1
    • Machine/Resistance Level 2
    • 30-Day Leg, Ab, Butt Challenge
    • 30-Day Full Body Challenge